Preparation for RYLA 2024 is underway. Rotarians and Super Seniors have been meeting every month looking at what has been successful and what can be revised to enhance the experience of attending RYLA.
Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) is for High School sophomores (ages 15 – 16). The students learn by experience and actions. They learn about personality traits and how to bring out everyone's talents. They learn about their own traits and talents, which many are surprised that they have. Oh, and they have FUN while doing this! We will have a service project during the weekend where they can personally make a difference for someone that they do not know.
RYLA is a TEAM event. Interview your candidates. Many attendees have been shy and tend to be introverts. Some are the exact opposite. In life, we need to deal with both extremes. Our goal is to moderate both ends of the spectrum. What a pleasure it is to be part of this transformation.
Please support up to five students this year per club. Make sure that the student is able to attend the full event (8:00 am Friday to 12:00 noon on Sunday) on June 21 – 23. We appreciate receiving applications in April up through May; the earlier the better for our organizing and so they do not schedule anything else on that weekend. Make sure that you contact the parents, so they understand their responsibility and approve attendance. Follow Rotary Youth Policy whenever conducting transportation.
We would like a few more Rotarians to volunteer to attend RYLA. You will be paid through gratitude and blessings seeing the youth develop over the weekend.
Thank-you for supporting RYLA 2024.

Larry Vars